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About Us

Shubi Chikara Karate has been based on the original techniques and philosophies developed by the founders of Karate. In English, the word Karate is translated to mean empty hand and refers to the ability to defend without the use of weapons.


The English interpretation of Shubi Chikara is self-defense power with Shubi meaning defense as in self defense and Chikara meaning power.

Karate throughout the world is taught in many ways, we have focused our techniques on developing self defence and power. To achieve this the classes will focus on self defense techniques which are taught in various ways including Kumite (Sparring) to simulate situations to protect one self as well as building confidence, discipline, coordination, control, fitness, and fun.

The majority of classes have been structured for children and adults separately with the exception of a few mixed classes, which are combined classes and give an opportunity for all family members to train together. We believe the classes will be very rewarding for all students who are willing to work on their techniques and follow the golden rules of Karate.


Kancho Robert

As with many things in life, what you gain from karate ultimately depends on what you put into it.


Whether you’re simply looking for a fun way to keep fit, or you want to throw yourself into dedicated study and progress through the belts, we’ve got classes to suit you here at Shubi Chikara. Our students often find themselves enjoying their training so much that they progress much farther than they originally intended, so you never know what might happen when you sign up.

Of course, there’s only one way to find out! Call 0404 846 166  & book your first FREE class!

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