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Welcome to Shubi Chikara Karate

At SCK we pride ourselves on providing opportunities to develop and gain:

  • Focus & concentration

  • Physical strength & fitness

  • Will power

  • Mental strength

  • Discipline

  • Self defence techniques

  • Self confidence

  • Making new friends

  • Developing respect & compassion

  • Building courage & strength of character

  • Fostering strong team bonding

Watch our students in action!

"Shubi Chikara warmly welcomes all who wish to learn new ways to develop their physical and mental prowess. We run classes for children and adults, as well as a mixture of both so that families can train together.

A rewarding challenge in an atmosphere of fun and creativity awaits you, and we look forward to getting started.


- Kancho Robert

Since its emergence from the Ryukyu Islands many centuries ago, karate has evolved to become one of the most widespread and accessible martial arts.

A noble practice with a rich past, karate fosters discipline, personal growth, and a genuine sense of friendship and respect.


Start now & reap the benefits!


Karate Style

Translated quite literally as "empty hand", karate refers to the ability to defend oneself without the use of a weapon.


Many different forms and styles have evolved from this simple idea, and karate can vary greatly from teacher to teacher.

The English interpretation of Shubi Chikara is "self-defence power", which is where we focus our particular techniques. Our training is based on the principles and philosophies of the original founders of karate, designed to build strength, speed, self-control, coordination and confidence.

When our students are ready, they also engage in kumite (sparring) to simulate real self-defence situations.

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